Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Quad Series

The Quad Series explores narrative and/or semantic flow with four pictures put together into one, an experiment about the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Does a story evolve? Or a movie composed of stills? Or rhetorical/semantic figures like gradation, expansion, counterpoint, pun, peripety? Or does a formal coherence evolve out of recurrence of patterns like motives in music?The Quads come in prints of 110x70 (cm)

Downhill in Black Forest, Germany. Increasing momentum from image 1-3, counterpoint in No.4: now it is night and momentum is not caused by blurred skier but by snow-wave of braking skier. 

Sculler in river Rhein, Germany. Image 1-3 open space close-in, image 4 peripety: reverse direction, impression of space denied by bars. 

Parc scene Karlsruhe, Germany. 4 stills with fading activity.

NYC, tube station 77th street as theatre stage: observing women from unsurmountable distance, in the 4th image a pun in form of a tromp d'oeuil.

Deutsches Museum Munic, documentation of photography dept. by students of Karlsruhe University of arts and design: Gradation (images 1-3) and pun: in 4th image photographers are no longer required, the modern photographs shoot themselves in front of their exhibited, ancestors.

An experiment and its disgusting outcome (read from left to right, row1, then row2).

Exit from a concert hall: gradation, acceleration.

Renault corporate exhibition Geneva, Switzerland: building momentum, gradation and then plot reverse in the 4th image.

Various perspectives on Cologne Cathedral, Germany. Coherence built by recurrent patterns cathedral towers, grid patterns of windows and counterpoint by indoor-vs-outdoor, broght-vs-dark perspective. 

Industrial site Karlsruhe, Germany at dawn and, 4th image, at night: suspense by inverse lighting. 

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