Sunday, April 12, 2015

Orthodox Easter

Fuji X100T

The first sunny Sunday in spring makes outdoor cycling impossible for the masses of folks enjoying their time in blossoming alleys. Time to take to the port. Here I find Rumanian, Bulgarian, Spanish and other Truckdrivers waiting for the weekend lorry ban to terminate. As it goes, the Orthodox world celebrate their Easter one week late, so today is their Easter.

These are Romanian truckdrivers Bebe and Razvan. They usually drive 9h consecutively when alone, 21h when teaming as duo. Here they are sitting between both their trucks, enjoying their fabulous Easter dinner. Tomorrow they will unload, reload and move on to Zeebrugge, Belgium. There they'll getting new directions, Sweden maybe, Spain or whatever. They keep going for two months, then spend 10 days at home.
Do you have family? Yes, they say and point at each other, laughing. They both have kids and god knows the depth of bliss cast on us the very moment they showed pics of the kids on their smartphones.
Their hospitality was overwhelming, immediately I had a cup of a wine/coke brew in my hand and sipped it with them. Half an hour can make a day, but only in the warm season.

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